Article 1, Part 1 - Student Rights

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§ 1-110 Policy for the Provision of Reasonable Accommodations for Students with Disabilities

  1. The University provides reasonable accommodations to students with disabilities admitted to study at the University in accordance with the following procedures. As the term is used herein, “reasonable accommodations” refer to those academic adjustments, services, and aids provided to otherwise qualified students with disabilities to facilitate equal access to University programs and activities. The Division of Disability Resources and Educational Services (DRES) or the Center for Wounded Veterans in Higher Education (CWVHE), as applicable, coordinates the University’s efforts to provide these reasonable accommodations. DRES and CWVHE will consult as necessary to facilitate the processing of requests for reasonable accommodations.
  2. In general, students are responsible for informing the University of their status as a person with a disability and their need for reasonable accommodations. Students with disabilities who are not veterans should direct their requests for reasonable accommodations to the DRES Student Services Office by phone at (217) 333-4603, or Student with disabilities who are veterans of the U.S. armed forces should direct their requests for reasonable accommodations to the CWVHE at (217) 300-3515 or The applicable unit will determine what is a reasonable accommodation based upon an individual student’s needs. For academic accommodations, DRES or CWVHE, as applicable, will consult with the faculty member for whose course the accommodations are sought. The University may decline requests for accommodations that impose an undue hardship on the campus or that require the fundamental alteration of academic standards, programs, or coursework.
  3. In order to be considered for reasonable accommodations, the student must meet the following requirements:
    1. The student must submit a completed Application for Services to DRES or CWVHE, as applicable. Students may obtain applications from: DRES: in person at the Rehabilitation-Education Center at 1207 South Oak Street, Champaign IL, or online at CWVHE: in person at 908 West Nevada Street, Urbana, IL, or online at
    2. The student must have a disability and provide documentation of a disability in accordance with the applicable documentation criteria.
  4. To facilitate timely review of a student’s request for reasonable accommodation, the student or prospective student who is requesting accommodations to access University programs and activities must submit a completed Application for Services to DRES or CWVHE, as applicable, as soon as possible. Some accommodations, such as interpreter, real-time captioning services, or the conversion of print-based educational materials to alternative accessible formats can require substantial lead time to schedule or prepare. Therefore, it is recommended that the student return the DRES or CWVHE Application for Services and discuss accommodation needs with DRES or CWVHE personnel at least six weeks before the date on which the student may first require the accommodations.
  5. A student may appeal to the Director of DRES or CWVHE, as applicable:
    1. an accommodation recommendation by DRES or CWVHE if the student deems such recommendation to be unsatisfactory;
    2. implementation of a DRES or CWVHE accommodation recommendation if the student deems such implementation ineffective. A student may appeal a determination of the DRES Director or the CWVHE Director to the Dean of the College of Applied Health Sciences.
  6. A student may also direct questions or concerns regarding accommodation decisions by DRES or CWHVE or other campus units to the Office of Diversity, Equity, and Access (ODEA), which is located at 1004 South Fourth Street, Champaign, IL or by phone at (217) 333-0885.