Article 2, Part 5 - Use of University Premises and Facilities

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§ 2-507 Events Involving Professional Performers

  1. Events involving professional performers shall be defined as those entertainment events open to the student body and/or general public in which the performers appear before an audience and are paid or normally receive pay for their services. Such entertainment events shall include theatrical productions, closed-circuit television, athletic events, arena spectaculars, artists, and the like that utilize professional musicians, singers, dancers, athletes, or comedians. It shall not include any event in which the total fees paid or normally paid for the performers’ services, including expenses, are less than $5,000. It shall also not include dances, film showings, banquets, or lectures, regardless of any fees that may be involved.
  2. Sponsorship of events involving professional performers as defined above shall be restricted to the State Farm Center utilizing its premises, Krannert Center for the Performing Arts utilizing its premises, Star Course, the Illini Union and the Illini Union Board utilizing either of the above, or other facilities as approved by the Office of the Registrar. Under exceptional conditions, University organizations, campus boards, registered organizations, or related organizations may cosponsor events involving professional performers with one of the above-mentioned authorized agencies in accordance with the limitations of Section VIII‑1 of the Campus Administrative Manual. Such cosponsorship, as well as all agreements related to that cosponsorship, shall be at the full discretion of the authorized agency except that at least 50 percent of all financial interests shall remain with the authorized agency. To qualify for cosponsorship consideration, an organization must be able to show that its cosponsorship would enhance the value or facilitate holding the event in a way that cannot be achieved by one of the usual authorized sponsors. Fund raising, regardless of the purpose or benefactor, is not an appropriate reason in itself to allow cosponsorship.
  3. Coordination of those entertainment events involving professional performers as defined above shall be accomplished by the Coordinating Committee on Entertainment Events specifically appointed for that purpose. Such coordination of professional events shall include the responsibility for operations and for resolving and deciding those conflicts relating to professional entertainment events, both as to scheduling dates and sponsorship. Appeals of decisions of the Coordinating Committee on Entertainment Events shall be made to the Chancellor or the Chancellor’s designee.
  4. Membership of the Coordinating Committee on Entertainment Events shall consist of the following individuals:
    1. Associate Registrar for Facility Management and Scheduling or designee, chairperson
    2. director of the State Farm Center
    3. director of the Krannert Center for the Performing Arts
    4. a senior manager of Star Course
    5. director of the Illini Union Student Programs and Activities Department
    6. representative of the Illini Union Office of Registered Organizations
    7. Dean of Students or designee
    8. two students, appointed annually by the student government
    9. two additional persons appointed by the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs