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article 3—academic policies and regulations

Part 1. Grades and Grading System

§ 3-108 Procedures for Review of Instructor's Ability to Communicate English

(a) All academic departments are to take steps to ensure that all of their instructors are able to communicate clearly in English in the classroom. However, because so many graduate teaching assistants and faculty members come from foreign countries and may not have had extensive training in English, students sometimes find it difficult to understand them.

(b) Students who find themselves in such a situation should initiate the following procedure:
(1) Immediately contact the department head or chairperson of the department in which the course is being offered to report the problem.
(2) If the department head or chairperson determines that a substantial portion of the class members are having a similar problem in understanding the instructor, a new instructor must be assigned to the class section.
(3) If it is determined that only a small minority of the students in the classroom are having problems understanding the instructor, those students should be promptly transferred to another section.
(4) The department head or chairperson should suggest to the instructor that he or she contact the Division of English as an International Language for help.