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article 3—academic policies and regulations

Part 6. Student Records—Guidelines and Regulations Governing Access and Release

§ 3-606 Procedures for Student Access and Challenge

(a) Gaining access to the record:
(1) Go to designated office for help in locating record(s);
(2) Make written request to the custodian(s) of the record(s);
(3) Examine record(s).

(b) Challenging the contents:
(1) If a student’s challenge cannot be satisfied by the record custodian, the student may appeal to the following, or his or her designee:
(A) law students, dean of the College of Law.
(B) veterinary medicine students, dean of the College of Veterinary Medicine.
(C) medical students, dean, College of Medicine at Urbana-Champaign.
(D) graduate students, dean of the Graduate College.
(E) undergraduate students, dean of the college regarding academic matters; Dean of Students regarding nonacademic matters.
(2) If no resolution can be effected, the matter will be referred to the Chancellor’s hearing panel.