Article 2, Part 5 – Use of University Premises and Facilities

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§ 2-510 Special Provisions for Use of the Beckman Institute for Advanced Science and Technology

  1. The Beckman Institute for Advanced Science and Technology is an interdisciplinary research facility established as a college-level unit reporting to the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs. The institute’s primary mission is to provide a single physical location for university faculty and staff members and students engaged in research programs chosen for inclusion in the building. A secondary and related objective of the institute is the exchange of scientific and technical information through meetings, conferences, workshops, and other such gatherings. For this reason, the institute was designed to include a number of seminar and meeting rooms.
  2. Because the institute was designed to provide research and meeting facilities in support of the research programs conducted in the building, institute researchers will have first priority for use of meeting spaces within the institute. The institute administration is responsible for ensuring that use of meeting rooms by others does not compromise the ability of institute research groups to conduct scientific and technical meetings.
  3. In view of the special mission of the institute, which includes research and scientific exchange, the following are the special conditions regarding use of space in the institute:
    1. Any individuals or groups eligible under section VIII‑1 of the Campus Administrative Manual and this rule can request the use of meeting space in the Beckman Institute. The use of such meeting space is subject to approval by the director of the institute, who in responding to such requests will use the following priority scale:
      1. groups conducting research in the Beckman Institute, for gatherings intended for exchange of scientific and technical information
      2. central and campus administrative units holding gatherings important to the campus or university as a whole
      3. units or individuals working in areas scientifically or technically related to institute research areas
      4. campus units or individuals holding events of academic importance to the campus but unrelated to institute research programs
      5. off-campus academic organizations whose activities are relevant to the institute
      6. those off-campus organizations whose events are unrelated to the institute will rarely be granted approval
    2. Except for scientific meetings sponsored by institute groups, no event can be scheduled more than one year in advance of the date it is to be held.
    3. Food and beverages may be catered in connection with an event only with the permission of the director of the institute.
    4. Individuals or organizations desiring to use the Beckman Institute should apply in writing to the Office of the Director, 1301 Beckman Institute, 405 North Mathews Avenue, Urbana, IL 61801.
    5. Decisions of the director of the Beckman Institute under this policy may be appealed to the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs.