Article 2, Part 5 – Use of University Premises and Facilities

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§ 2-511 Provisions for Use of the Allerton Park and Conference Center

  1. Allerton Park and Conference Center is a unit of the Office of Continuing Education, and its mission is to provide opportunities for educational and research programs that are unique to a natural area, house, and estate garden of high quality. The park also has an important mission to provide a public location for recreational activities that employ its natural resources and engender an appreciation for them. Allerton is the university’s learning sanctuary.
  2. At Allerton Conference Center, priority is given to academic and administrative departments whose activities are most consistent with the Allerton mission and support of the university’s charge of teaching, research, and public service. When space is available, other groups can be accommodated, including those from other educational institutions, government agencies, social service organizations, private not-for-profit groups, and private groups whose activities are consistent with the Allerton mission. Requests for use of Conference Center space should be filed at the Conference Center office.
  3. Allerton Park is composed of forests, wild and plant life reserves, and landscaped gardens. It operates as a public park. To maintain a tranquil setting that is conducive to education, ecological research, and appreciation of the natural qualities of the site, priority is given to programs and recreational activities that do not detract from the quality of those elements.
  4. Requests for permits to use space in the park for the following activities should be filed with the park superintendent at the Visitors Center:
    1. Requests to conduct research are reviewed by the site superintendent and, if indicated, the requests are forwarded to the Campus Committee on Natural Areas for approval.
    2. Visitors Center. First priority is given to activities that involve use of the formal gardens.
    3. Events in the formal gardens in the park include weddings, receptions, and graduation ceremonies. Fees are set according to the size of the group and the need for special accommodations.
  5. Special requests for use of Allerton Park and Conference Center not covered in subsections (b) and (c) above should be filed with the director of Allerton Park and Conference Center, 302 East John Street, Suite 202, Champaign, IL 61821.