Article 3, Part 2 – Examinations

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§ 3-204 Special Examinations

  1. Special examinations offer students who failed a course another opportunity to pass the course and earn academic credit counting toward degree completion.
  2. A special examination may be given only in the following circumstances:
    1. the student earned a failing grade (F, FR, or ABS) in the University of Illinois course.
    2. a special examination is recommended by the head or chair of the department offering the course which the student failed, or by an individual duly authorized by the head or chair, whether the course is traditional, blended, online, a self-paced online course, or other.
    3. the special examination is approved by the dean of the college in which the student is enrolled.
    4. a special examination permit was issued by the Office of the Registrar because the individual seeking the special examination is a currently enrolled student, or is a former student who is not currently registered but who has no more than 10 semester hours remaining to complete their degree.
    5. the instructor designates when the special examination will be given, within the time limits of § 3-203, subsection (a)(3)(A), including for graduating seniors; but students who are not currently enrolled in the university and who have failed an online course or a self-paced online course must take the Special Examination within 30 days of grade roll.
      1. The exam must be administered after the close of the semester, winter session, or summer session in which the course was failed.
      2. The exam must be administered before the end of the next semester in which the student is registered following failure in the course.
  3. A student who has been dropped from the university is not eligible to take special examinations unless the student has been reinstated and meets the conditions stated in § 3-203(a)(3)(A) above.
  4. Special examinations are given at no additional cost to the student.
  5. Special examination grades are reported as PS or F.
    1. A grade of PS is awarded when the student earns at least a C on the examination.
    2. A grade of F is awarded when the student earns lower than a C.
    3. An F is not recorded in the student’s official academic record and does not appear on the student's transcript. However, departments may prohibit a student from retaking the examination.
    4. The instructor that administers the special exam is responsible for submitting PS grades to the Registrar’s Office within 4 weeks of the date of the exam.
    5. A student given a grade of PS in a special examination will receive the credit normally allowed for the course, subject to all regulations governing the individual student’s curriculum.
    6. Grades earned on special examinations are not included in the computation of grade point averages. (A passing grade on a special examination does not remove the previously earned failing grade.)