Article 3, Part 3 – Registration, Course Changes, and Withdrawal

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§ 3-304 Registration of Nondegree Students

  1. Nondegree students register under one of the two registration options:
    1. Academic year: Fall and spring semesters with optional summer and winter sessions.
    2. Summer term only: Registration for fall and spring terms is not allowed; application for admission is necessary to be considered for the academic year enrollment pattern.
  2. Part-time nondegree students are subject to the following restrictions:
    1. The college of enrollment (home department, at the graduate level) has the right to terminate a continuing nondegree student’s registration authorization at any time prior to the beginning of a term.
    2. Registration is limited to part-time status (less than twelve credit hours) in the fall or spring semester.
    3. Part-time nondegree students are ineligible for early registration for the fall or spring semester; they may, however, register as follows:
      1. Starting on July 15 or the next business day for the fall semester.
      2. Starting the next business day after the advanced registration period concludes for degree-seeking students for the winter session and spring semester;
      3. Summer session opens to degree-seeking and nondegree students simultaneously.
    4. The same grading system is applicable to degree and nondegree students. Credit earned on nondegree status is not applicable to a degree except by subsequent admission to degree status and, at the graduate and professional level, successful petition for application of such credit to the degree. A maximum of twelve hours of graduate credit earned while on nondegree status may be applied to a degree.
    5. Nondegree students must apply for admission to be considered for degree status enrollment.
  3. Persons admitted to the university for participation in the following programs are eligible for full-time status, and thus early registration privileges:
    1. online and/or off-campus programs;
    2. university-affiliated exchange programs;
    3. study abroad programs for students who are enrolled at other institutions.
  4. No other students are given the privilege of full-time nondegree status without the permission of both the college admitting the student and the colleges offering the courses in which the student wishes to enroll.
  5. Students in concurrent enrollment at the University of Illinois at Chicago or at Springfield are part-time nondegree students, ineligible for early registration in the fall or spring semester.