Article 3, Part 4 – Undergraduate Academic Recognition

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§ 3-402 Campus Honors Program – Chancellor's Scholars

  1. A select number of high-achieving students are admitted to the Campus Honors Program annually and are designated as “Chancellor’s Scholars.” This recognition is noted on the official university record for each term the student meets program requirements.
  2. Students may enroll in any undergraduate curriculum and are also encouraged to participate in departmental and college honors programs.
  3. As Chancellor’s Scholars, students register in special small honors sections of classes that fulfill elective and general education requirements. They are able to participate in extensive co-curricular activities involving informal interaction with notable campus faculty members and outside speakers. Those students who elect to complete additional program requirements are eligible to graduate as a “Distinguished Chancellor’s Scholar,” which is noted on the official university record during the student’s final semester in the program.
  4. For additional information, contact the Campus Honors Program website at