Article 3, Part 7 – Transcripts

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§ 3-702 Information Appearing on All Transcripts

  1. Student’s name
  2. University identification number
  3. Level (undergraduate, graduate, law, medicine, veterinary medicine)
  4. Birth date (month and day only)
  5. Degree and the date graduated from the University of Illinois
  6. Recognition as a James Scholar or a Chancellor’s Scholar
  7. Honors recognition—Bronze Tablet, Dean’s List, etc.
  8. Institutional courses, grades, hours of credit, and grade-point average, listed by semester
  9. When a student changes their college and/or curriculum of enrollment, the new college and/or curriculum is recorded on the student’s record in the semester in which the change is effective.
  10. When a student withdraws during a term, the withdrawal date is recorded on the student's record at the end of the term.