Article 3, Part 7 – Transcripts

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§ 3-703 Other Symbols Appearing on Transcripts

The grading system itself is described in § 3‑102. The following symbols provide additional information.

& Immediately following the letter grade for Religious Foundation courses indicates the grade and credit are not included in the GPA.
* Immediately following the letter grade indicates grade does not count toward the student’s GPA or earned hours.
H Immediately following the letter grade indicates that the student has received honors credit for the course because either: 1) the student has successfully completed an Honors Credit Learning Agreement negotiated with the instructor of the course; or 2) the course/section was certified as an honors course/section by the department offering the course. Appropriate grades using the H designation include A+H, AH, A-H, B+H, BH and B-H.
A Signifies a repeated course that is included in the GPA calculation. Course is excluded from the term, overall, and earned hours.
E Repeated course that is excluded from the GPA but included in attempted hours only.