Article 3, Part 9 - Residency Status Regulations

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§ 3-901 In General

  1. The University of Illinois is a land-grant institution supported by funding from state of Illinois tax revenue. As a state tax-supported institution, the University (with some exceptions) extends preference in admission and tuition to residents of the state of Illinois—that is, to persons whose circumstances conform to the University’s definition of resident status stated as follows.
  2. Principal elements that determine residency are domicile in Illinois and actions which evidence the intent to make Illinois the person’s permanent residence. A person has but one domicile at any time. Mere physical presence in Illinois, regardless of how prolonged, is insufficient to establish residency without action and intention to make the place a permanent residence and principal home. To establish bona fide residency in Illinois under this policy, a person must demonstrate presence and intent to reside permanently in Illinois for reasons other than educational objectives.
  3. The burden of establishing that a person is domiciled in Illinois for other than educational purposes is upon the person. The regulations, factors, and procedures enumerated in this policy will be considered by the University in determining the residency status.
  4. Residency Status Regulations are subject to change from time to time at the discretion of the Board of Trustees. A person holding nonresident status is subject to rules in effect when the petition seeking Illinois residency is filed. Nothing in these rules shall be applied retroactively to reverse in-state residency status previously granted under former regulations.
  5. The University’s definition of the term “resident” may be different from the definitions developed by other, non-University, agencies. Thus, a person who is an Illinois resident for tax or voting purposes, for example, is not necessarily a resident for University of Illinois tuition and admission purposes. The University’s definition of resident status applies both to payment of tuition and admission to the University of Illinois.