Article 1, Part 2 – General Responsibilities of Students

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§ 1-201 Responsibilities of Students

  1. Students are responsible for knowing and complying with the regulations of the university, their college, and the departments from which they take courses, and for fulfilling the requirements for a particular degree. Regulations applicable to given colleges may be obtained from the respective deans.
  2. It is expected that students enrolled in the university will conduct themselves at all times in accordance with accepted principles of responsible citizenship and with due regard for the rights of others.
  3. Email is the primary mechanism for sending official communications to students at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) as stated in the Financial Responsibility Agreement ( All students are assigned an official university email address. Students, therefore, must check email regularly to stay updated on important messages and notifications. Failure to read official university communications sent to students’ official email address does not absolve students from knowing and complying with the content of official communications. Students may forward their email from their official university email address to another email address of their choice. The university, however, is not responsible for email forwarded to another email address.