Article 3, Part 7 – Transcripts

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§ 3-701 Availability

  1. Students who have paid their university fees and charges are entitled to receive, upon written request, a transcript of their academic records. Upon graduation, or withdrawal from the university, students with outstanding loans will not be issued a transcript until they have completed an exit interview with the Office of Business and Financial Services. Transcripts that are provided directly to students are marked “Issued to Student in Sealed Envelope” to distinguish them from transcripts that are sent by the Office of the Registrar to other recipients. Each transcript routinely includes a student’s entire academic record to date and current academic status. Incomplete transcripts are not issued. Upon request, separate transcripts shall be issued that include only the academic record for undergraduate programs or the academic record for graduate and professional programs. Any separate transcript shall be appropriately labeled “partial transcript.” The charge for an official transcript is $8 per copy (amount subject to change).
  2. Transcripts issued at the request of students for whom possible disciplinary action is pending are followed by a corrected transcript issued without charge to the original recipient showing the final status in the event that the student involved is subsequently suspended or dismissed from the university as a result of the pending action.
  3. A student requesting a transcript near the end of a term must specify that the transcript not be released prior to the posting of final grades for that term. Final grade posting normally occurs approximately thirty days after the end of the final examination period.