Article 2, Part 1 - Medical Policies

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§ 2-101 Health Requirements

  1. Physical and Mental Health
    Each student may be required to present evidence of satisfactory physical and mental health to the Director of the McKinley Health Center at Urbana-Champaign. Each admitted applicant will receive an Immunization Information Form, which he or she must use to report proof of immunity to certain vaccine-preventable diseases as defined by state law and required by University regulations, as well as any other pertinent medical data, to the director of the McKinley Health Center. A minor (under eighteen years of age by the time of registration) must submit the Immunization Information Form with a parent’s or guardian’s written authorization for the student to receive treatment at McKinley Health Center. A student who fails to return the completed Immunization Information Form by the date shown on the form and who fails to comply by the end of the first term of enrollment is prohibited from subsequent enrollment in the University. Upon the advice of a McKinley Health Center physician, admission of a student may be denied until the student is cleared by the McKinley Health Center.
    1. Students transferring from the University of Illinois at Chicago or at Springfield should request that their Immunization Information Form be transferred by the health center on that campus.
    2. Military personnel may have their Immunization Information Form completed by a military physician.
  2. Tuberculosis Control
    1. All new and returning students are encouraged to present evidence of freedom from tuberculosis to the McKinley Health Center. All new international students are required to complete tuberculosis screening at the McKinley Health Center before completing registration.
    2. A person who has a positive skin test is required to have a chest X‑ray. A person with a known history of positive reaction to the tuberculosis skin test will not be retested, but will require a chest X‑ray to show evidence of freedom from active tuberculosis. An individual who has had a chest X‑ray performed within the previous twelve months will not require an additional chest X‑ray if the previous chest X‑ray is obtainable and meets the University’s chest X‑ray standards. A student with a positive skin test must schedule an appointment at McKinley Health Center to review his or her health history.