Article 2, Part 1 – Medical Policies

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§ 2-102 Mandatory Assessment

  1. In the event that the university is presented with a credible report that a student has threatened or attempted suicide, engaged in efforts to prepare to commit suicide or expressed a preoccupation with suicide, that student will be required to attend four sessions of professional assessment. These sessions are designed to foster the students’ willingness and ability to maintain a reasonable concern for their own self welfare.
  2. Confidentiality
    1. All records associated with the reported incident are kept separately by the Suicide Prevention Team. The Suicide Prevention Team is staffed by the Counseling Center and McKinley Health Center.
    2. All records associated with the mandated assessment are protected by federal and state laws regarding confidentiality.
  3. Appeals
    1. A student may appeal the accuracy of the report to the Suicide Prevention Team. In some instances, in order for the appeal to go forward, a student will be required to sign a release of information authorizing the members of the Suicide Prevention Team to contact and interview witnesses to the incident. An appeal may be made to the Dean of Students or designee. The decision of the Dean of Students is final.
    2. The policy of four sessions of professional assessment is applied uniformly to all students who cross the threshold described above. The requirement of four professional assessments is not subject to appeal.
  4. Alcohol and Drugs
    An assessment of a student can be mandated by the Director of McKinley Health Center (Director) if:
    1. a student becomes incapacitated as the apparent result of alcohol or other drug use; and
    2. emergency medical personnel are summoned to transport the student to a hospital for emergency care; and
    3. the student is in fact transported to the hospital for emergency medical care or refuses to accept such transportation when recommended by the emergency medical personnel.
  5. Procedures
    1. The attending or responsible university employee who becomes aware of facts stated in subsection (a) must notify the Director of the student’s name and the circumstances of the student’s incapacitation. Other individuals (for example, the city Police Department or Certified Staff) may submit to the Director reports of student emergency transportation or refusal to accept such transportation.
    2. If the Director becomes aware of facts stated in subsection (a) (through a notification under subsection (d)(1) or otherwise), the Director will decide whether to require the student to undergo a mandatory assessment.
    3. If the Director decides that the student should be required to undergo a mandatory assessment, the Director shall so notify the student.
    4. After notification under subsection (d)(3), and unless successfully appealed under subsection (g), the student must undergo an assessment conducted at the direction of the Director.
  6. If the student completes the assessment, the results of the assessment and the fact that an assessment was conducted are confidential medical information and may not be disclosed without consent of the student and may not form the basis of a disciplinary proceeding or any other sanction imposed by the university. However, if the student fails to complete the assessment, this fact is not confidential medical information, and the Director may disclose that fact to the Dean of Students, who may in turn inform other responsible parties (see § 1-302(h) and § 3-603).
  7. Appeals
    If the student disagrees with the decision of the Director directing a mandatory assessment, the following rules apply:
    1. the student may appeal the Director’s decision to the Dean of Students;
    2. such an appeal must be submitted in writing within three business days after receipt by the student of the notice by the Director;
    3. the Dean of Students (or the Dean’s designee) shall convene a hearing within five business days after receipt of the appeal;
    4. prior to the hearing, the student shall be entitled to review the information leading to the referral;
    5. at the hearing, the Dean or designee shall review all relevant evidence to determine whether to uphold the mandatory assessment directive. The student may be assisted at the hearing by any person chosen by the student. The decision of the Dean or designee shall be final.