Article 2, Part 1 – Medical Policies

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§ 2-104 Policy for Individuals With Contagious Diseases

  1. It is the policy and practice of the university to protect the public health on the campus and to respect the privacy rights and medical needs of individuals with contagious diseases.
  2. If modifications or restrictions of activities are warranted, procedures appropriate to the rights of the specific individual (student, nonacademic employee, faculty member, etc.) will be followed.
  3. Specific recommendations concerning academic, employment, and extracurricular activities of students with contagious diseases at the university are the responsibility of the Director of the Health Center in consultation with the patient’s primary physician. In the event the Director of the Health Center is not a licensed physician, the authority and responsibility will be vested in the Medical Director of the Health Center.
  4. The Health Center will be responsible for complying with current standards of medical practice and public health guidelines from recognized authorities (e.g., Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, World Health Organization, etc.), and for using appropriate community/university resources as needed.