Article 2, Part 7 - Chancellor's Emergency Powers

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§ 2-701 Basis for Chancellor's Emergency Powers

  1. The Chancellor, in consultation with the President, will place into effect regulations, procedures, or measures deemed necessary or appropriate to meet an emergency, to safeguard persons and property, and to maintain educational activities. Examples of emergency measures include the imposition of curfew or other crowd-control measures, and the imposition of interim suspension upon any student where there is reasonable cause to believe the student has engaged in any disruptive or coercive act. Those placed on interim suspension shall be given prompt notice of charges and the opportunity of a prompt hearing
  2. The Chancellor, in consultation with the President, will institute and implement the necessary procedures for referral of such cases to the appropriate disciplinary processes. Disciplinary procedures may be invoked for violation of University or campus regulations, whether or not such violations are also violations of law, and whether or not proceedings are or have been pending in the courts involving the same acts.