Article 2, Part 3 – Registered Organizations and Organization Fund

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§ 2-301 Classification of Organizations

This section defines those organizations that are authorized, under certain conditions, to use university facilities and services at Urbana-Champaign and to which these regulations and procedures apply. Upon review by an appropriate university designee, eligible organizations may be registered and assigned to one of the following classifications:

  1. University Organizations: All university colleges, schools, institutes, departments, divisions, and other academic administrative units and committees, and the Urbana-Champaign Senate and its committees
  2. Campus Boards: Those governing and advisory boards that have been so designated by the Chancellor or the Chancellor’s designee.
  3. Registered Organizations and Registered Student Organizations: Those incorporated and unincorporated organizations that have been registered under Section 2-303. A “Registered Organization” is one formed under subsection 2-303(a)(4)(C). A “Registered Student Organization” is one formed under subsection 2-303(a)(4)(D). Registered Organizations and Registered Student Organizations are not affiliated with the university.
  4. University Student Organizations: Those student led organizations that are governed by university policies similar to University Organizations under subsection 2-301(a). University Student Organizations are required to register and follow the same expectations as Registered Student Organizations as outlined under subsection 2-303(a)(4)(C). USOs are considered a university entity for purposes of business functions and support.
  5. Related Organizations: Those specifically designated organizations or agencies that relate directly and continually to the university and that have been designated as follows by the Board of Trustees or its designee.
    1. University-Related Organizations—Those organizations defined in the Legislative Audit Commission Guidelines adopted by the university, which include university foundations, athletic associations, alumni associations, and corporate outgrowths. Relationships between the university and university-related organizations are governed by the Legislative Audit Commission Guidelines.
    2. Allied Organizations—Those organizations closely associated with the university that support specific aspects of the university’s program and those governmental/professional and technical organizations or agencies whose activities contribute directly to the university’s program. Relationships between allied organizations and the university shall be in accordance with guidelines promulgated by the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs.
  6. Campus-Community Organizations: Those organizations of which the majority of the members and a minimum of two officers must be affiliated with the university (students, faculty, staff, alumni, and spouses of those).
  7. Outside Organizations: All other organizations that have not been designated or registered as set forth in the preceding definitions.