Article 2, Part 3 – Registered Organizations and Organization Fund

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§ 2-312 Purposes for Which Registered Organization Custodial Funds May Be Used

  1. The determination of the ways in which Registered Organization and Registered Student Organization Custodial funds are expended is largely the responsibility of the members of the Registered Organization and Registered Student Organization, subject to the general policies and procedures established by University Accounting and Financial Reporting, which acts in the name of the comptroller. While it is not possible to list all of the expenditure regulations, the items outlined below are listed to present the thrust of the regulations, and no attempt has been made to foresee all potential types of expenditures that may be requested. Therefore, authority to approve all expenditures remains with the Department of Student Engagement. Expenditures from the Registered Organization Custodial Fund must be for a lawful purpose and, in general, must:
    1. be for payment for services rendered, or for material received,
    2. be related to the educational goals and objectives of the university,
    3. not be for the personal gain of an individual or individuals, except as payment for services rendered,
    4. not be for the purchase of alcoholic beverages, or to enable or facilitate by any means the purchase of alcoholic beverages by any person,
    5. not be for the purchase of weapons (as defined in § 1-309(b)), or to enable or facilitate by any means the purchase of weapons by any person, and
    6. not be for the purchase of materials by, through, or from the university for resale to others.
  2. Requests for travel reimbursements must be for actual and necessary costs.
  3. All tax and legal matters relating to organization activities are the sole responsibility of the Registered Organization and Registered Student Organizations. Registered Organizations and Registered Student Organizations are not authorized to use the university’s Employer Identification Number (EIN) or tax-exempt status. Funds deposited in the Organization Custodial Fund may not be used for donations to, gifts to, or support of charitable organizations, except with the special approval of the Chancellor. Currently, the Department of Student Engagement approves and supervises contributions to recognized charitable organizations.
  4. Funds may be transferred to another custodial fund provided that such transfer does not violate any university statutes or policies or this Code and does not provide the recipient organization with funds obtained in a manner otherwise prohibited to the recipient organization.