Article 2, Part 3 – Registered Organizations and Organization Fund

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§ 2-318 Annual Meetings

An annual meeting of all RSOs will be called once a year to provide a review of the past year, make recommendations for any purchases from the Organization Fund surplus fund, should it be available, that has the greatest impact on the operations and success of student organizations.

  1. The chair and Director of Student Engagement shall serve as coordinators of the meetings.
  2. Registered Student Organizations in good standing may attend the annual meeting, however one person may not represent more than one organization, and one organization may not have more than one representative.
  3. The meeting may take place virtually or in person.
  4. As part of the annual meeting, attendees may:
    1. Receive reports of the Organization Fund and the operations of the Student Organization Finance Center.
    2. Vote on the expenditure proposal brought forth by the Advisory Board to enhance the student organization experience.
    3. Transact such other business as the Advisory Board, or any organization through its accredited representative, may bring before the meeting.
    4. A quorum consists of accredited representatives of at least 10 percent or 60, whichever is smaller, of those organizations that are in good standing.