Article 2, Part 3 – Registered Organizations and Organization Fund

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§ 2-313 Procedures for Registered Organization Custodial Fund Operations

  1. Access to Funds—All vouchers for funds from a Registered Organization or Registered Student Organization’s fund must be signed by an authorized president and treasurer. Registered Organizations, presidents and treasurers must be faculty and/or staff. Presidents and Treasurers of Registered Student Organizations must be enrolled students.
  2. There is no need for a bond to ensure honest performance by treasurers of Registered Organization or Registered Student Organizations as each voucher processed is approved by the Student Organizations Finance Center and the treasurer of the Organization Fund for compliance with university rules and regulations.
  3. Deposits—Organizations’ account treasurer(s) shall deposit applicable funds with the University Bursar, which will issue deposit slips showing the source of money deposited for entry in the Registered Organizations’ or Registered Student Organizations’ records.
  4. Disbursements—Registered Organizations and Registered Student Organizations’ treasurer(s) will be given access to blank voucher forms by the Department of Student Engagement which they must use to request payments on properly approved bills against the organization’s fund. These vouchers shall be completed and presented with an accompanying invoice or receipt to the Department of Student Engagement. That department shall
    1. Confirm the organization is registered and in good financial standing;
    2. Verify that the signature(s) are in place from the applicable members of the Registered Organization or Registered Student Organization
    3. Ensure the expenditures are in compliance with the rules and regulations and
    4. Transmit the approved voucher to University Payables for processing and generation of the check. All checks will be mailed by the university and require up to five university business days for processing. Vouchers under $1 will not be processed.
    5. Student Engagement provides policies and guidelines for treasurers and requires all presidents and treasurers to attend mandatory trainings and workshops.