Article 2, Part 2 – Housing Policies

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§ 2-201 Certified Single Student Housing

  1. Certified Student Housing
    Certified housing is housing that meets the following criteria:
    1. The facilities are certified for compliance with municipal health and safety codes, municipal minimum housing standards, and the University of Illinois Certified Housing Standards (available from the Housing Information Office).
    2. The property owner or a designated representative, who may be the head of the unit student government, is registered with the Housing Information Office.
    3. The housing unit is operated in compliance with the university’s policy regarding nondiscrimination.
    4. The housing unit is physically designed primarily for single individuals, as opposed to family occupancy; such housing units include university residence halls, fraternities, sororities, and privately owned student residences.
    5. Residence in the housing unit is restricted to university students, except when the Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs or designee waives this provision.
  2. Housing Requirement
    All first time attending undergraduates must live in housing that has been certified by the Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs or designee for the entire academic year.
    First time attending Undergraduates are defined as:
    1. Degree-seeking students who:
      1. apply for admission while attending high school, regardless of the amount of college credit earned, including advanced placement or similar programs;
      2. are enrolled in the fall term and who attended college for the first time in the prior summer term; or
      3. since graduating from high school, have not attended another postsecondary institution as a degree-seeking undergraduate student.
    2. Degree-seeking transfer students who apply for admission while attending a post secondary institution, but who have earned fewer than 30 hours of college credit (excluding academic credit earned by advanced placement, examinations, or similar programs.)
  3. Exceptions to this policy include:
    1. Undergraduates who have reached the age of 21 by August 15 of the first term in which they are registered for classes.
    2. Undergraduates who have elected eight or fewer credit hours during a regular academic semester.
    3. The following additional exceptions require submission of a first-year student live-on requirement exemption waiver application for official review and are subject to approval:
      1. Undergraduates living with a parent or a legal guardian within 40 miles of the Urbana-Champaign campus.
      2. Undergraduate students who are married or in a documented domestic partnership and are living with their partner.
      3. Undergraduate students who have lived in a residence hall at another collegiate institution for two or more semesters.
      4. Other extenuating circumstances not listed above.
  4. Additional Regulations for Certified Housing
    1. Residents of certified housing units shall abide by university policies and regulations and local, state, and federal laws with regard to the possession and use of alcoholic beverages, cannabis and controlled substances, and the possession of weapons. (See §§ 1-305 through 1‑309.)
    2. All students shall comply with published university policies and municipal fire safety codes with special regard for emergency evacuation, fire and safety devices, and parties and decorations. (See § 1‑310.)
    3. Students living in certified housing may entertain guests in their living units subject to regulations established by the student government of the unit and approved by the Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs or designee.
    4. The student government of each living unit (or the residents, in the absence of a student government) may establish regulations concerning social conduct that are consistent with requirements of the landlord or management.