Article 1, Part 1 – Student Rights

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§ 1-103 Campus Expression

  1. Discussion and expression of all views is permitted within the bounds of established principles of the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States, and subject to reasonable time, place, and manner restrictions that are consistent with established First Amendment principles.
  2. Members and organizations in the university community may invite and hear any persons of their own choosing, subject only to reasonable requirements on time, place, and manner for use of university property.
  3. The campus press and media are to be free of censorship. The editors and managers shall not be arbitrarily suspended because of student, faculty, administration, alumni, or community disapproval of editorial policy or content.
  4. The right to speech and association protected by the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States, such as peaceful protest and demonstration, is recognized within the university community. The university retains the right to establish parameters to help provide a safe environment, protect property, and promote the proper functioning of the university’s teaching, research, economic development and public service missions, and business operations. Outdoor, publicly accessible areas of university property may be used for protected speech and association subject to restrictions in the Expressive Activity on Campus policy in the Campus Administrative Manual.