Article 1, Part 1 – Student Rights

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§ 1-105 Student Records

  1. The university and its subdivisions should have a carefully considered policy as to the information which should be part of a student’s permanent educational record and as to the conditions of its disclosure. To minimize the risk of improper disclosure, academic and disciplinary records are normally separate. (See, however, § 3‑704(a).) Access to the student’s own records and files is guaranteed to each individual and is subject only to reasonable regulation as to time, place, and supervision.
  2. Transcripts of academic records should contain only information about academic status and conditions relating to the student’s eligibility for continuing registration on this campus. Information from disciplinary or counseling files should not be available to unauthorized persons on campus, or to any person off campus without the express consent of the subject involved, except in cases where the student is not competent to grant such consent. In such cases, information will be made available only where the safety of persons or property is involved. No records should be kept which reflect the political activities or beliefs of students.
  3. Provisions should also be made for periodic routine destruction of noncurrent disciplinary records. Administrative staff and faculty members should respect confidential information about students which they acquire in the course of their work.
  4. The records and files of individuals no longer at the university shall continue to be subject to the provisions of this document.