Article 2, Part 6 – Motor Vehicles and Bicycles

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§ 2-602 Automobiles

  1. Use
    1. The parking of motor vehicles and motorcycles in university structures or lots is controlled by signs posted at the entrances. Unless special approval is received under Section VIII‑8 of the Campus Administrative Manual, parking on university property is permitted only in areas marked as university streets or as areas posted with signs designating specific parking area, unless otherwise restricted.
    2. During restricted hours a current virtual permit is required in motor vehicles parked in rental facilities. A current motorcycle rental permit must be displayed on motorcycles parked in designated motorcycle areas.
    3. No parking is permitted on most university-administered parking facilities from 2 a.m. to 6 a.m. except for persons on duty. Motor vehicles and motorcycles parked by those persons on duty must display current permits.
    4. Definition of an automobile: For the purpose of these regulations, an automobile is defined as any motor-propelled vehicle used for transporting persons or property but excluding motorcycles, motor scooters, and motor bikes.
    5. Possession of an automobile: Possession of an automobile is defined as physical control or operation of an automobile or the right to control or operate an automobile even though ownership is vested in a parent, a spouse, or another person.
    6. Visitor: Any individual other than faculty, staff, or student who desires to visit a facility administered by the university or an approved allied agency.
  2. Operation of an Automobile
    1. Any student operating an automobile on any street, drive, parking lot, or service area shall do so with due regard for the safety of pedestrians and in compliance with the motor vehicle laws of the state of Illinois, the traffic ordinances of the cities of Champaign and Urbana, and such other specific safety regulations as may be adopted by the University of Illinois.
    2. In addition to university action, any violation of a state or municipal law or ordinance may result in the arrest of the violator or a notice to appear before the appropriate state court.
  3. Parking of Student Automobiles
    1. Parking of student automobiles in the university lots is permitted as posted by appropriate signs at the entrance to each lot. Authorization to park in university lots does not extend to spaces on a twenty-four-hour rented basis.
    2. Students may purchase permits to park in certain designated lots included in the university "lot rental" program. Hours for required permits are contained on each lot entrance sign. Application must be made to the Parking Department, prior to parking in such lots.
    3. Students are permitted to park on any city street in accordance with the appropriate city regulations without any requirement that their cars be registered with the university.
    4. Students may purchase permits to park their automobiles in Lot F‑23, located on Florida Avenue west of Lincoln Avenue; Lot E‑14, located on the southwest corner of First Street and Kirby Avenue, and parking deck B04, located on University Avenue between Goodwin and Mathews. Parking in these three lots is available twenty-four hours per day. Application must be made to the Parking Department prior to parking in these lots.
    5. Refund of rental lot fees will be prorated upon a request made to the Parking Department.
    6. Visitors who wish to park overnight on university property must first obtain a temporary parking permit from the Parking Department.