Article 2, Part 6 – Motor Vehicles and Bicycles

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§ 2-606 Use of In-Line Skates, Roller Skates, and Skateboards

  1. It is the university’s position to allow use of in‑line skates, roller skates, skateboards, and similar devices for transportation on campus in accordance with the guidelines cited below. Regulation of these devices is deemed necessary to reduce risk of injury and use that causes damage to university property. For their safety, and the safety of others, skaters are also expected to follow other applicable university regulations and local traffic laws. Skaters should wear proper safety equipment at all times. Questions about this Rule may be directed to the Office of Campus Risk Management at (217) 333‑4660.
  2. Use of in‑line skates, roller skates, or skateboards is generally permitted for transportation on campus. However, skating is strictly prohibited:
    1. in all university buildings (skates should be removed prior to or immediately upon entry)
    2. in all multi‑level parking structures
    3. in other areas in which this prohibition has been posted by the university to enhance personal safety, reduce property damage, or prevent interference with campus operations
    4. if it is performed in a manner that indicates a disregard for the safety of others or damages property
  3. Recreational use of in‑line skates, roller skates, and/or skateboards by groups and/or individuals (i.e., skill demonstrations, sports/competitions, stunts, tricks, and uses other than transportation) is prohibited from building entrances, steps, stairs, ramps, walls, sidewalks, parking lots, and other general campus space except when formally scheduled and approved by the appropriate campus unit(s). A list of proper authorities to ask for permission to use campus space may be found in Article 2, Part 5, Use of University Premises and Facilities, of the Code.
  4. Failure to comply with this policy or other applicable university guidelines and traffic laws may result in either or both of the following:
    1. referral to the student disciplinary system;
    2. Illinois Vehicle Code citations and/or arrest for any criminal offense(s).