Article 3, Part 1 – Grades and Grading System

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§ 3-102 Grading System – Grades Authorized for All Colleges

Excellent (A+, A, A-); Good (B+, B, B-); Fair (C+, C, C-); Poor (D+, D, D-) (lowest passing grade); Failure (F) (not acceptable for degree credit), including courses dropped for academic integrity violations (see § 1‑402); Absent from the final examination without an acceptable excuse ABS (counts as a failure, not acceptable for degree credit). If a student is absent from a final examination, and it is clear that taking that examination could not have resulted in a passing grade for the course, a grade of F may be given instead of ABS. The A+ grade standing alone does not designate Honors Credit (see § 3-703). To recognize superior academic performance in courses designated as an honors course/section by the offering department or when the student has an Honors Credit Learning Agreement, the appropriate grade is A+H.