Article 3, Part 6 – Student Records – Guidelines and Regulations Governing Access and Release

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§ 3-607 Chancellor's Hearing Panel

  1. General principles:
    1. Request for a hearing must be specific to a record, be submitted in writing, and include an explanation or justification of the request for a hearing.
    2. Once a hearing has been held in accordance with some other university activity by a duly constituted board or committee, no additional hearing on the content of a record will be allowed. The existing hearing processes (capricious grading, student disciplines) already provide for an opportunity to add to, correct, or otherwise modify that record.
    3. After consultation with appropriate student and faculty groups, the Chancellor will appoint a hearing panel.
    4. Decisions reached by the hearing panel will be final; there is no further appeal within the university.
  2. Hearing panels shall operate in accordance with the following guidelines:
    1. Hearings will not be open to the public.
    2. Neither party, nor representatives thereof, shall serve on the panel.
    3. Decisions of the hearing panel will be by majority vote.
    4. Results of the hearing will be communicated in writing to the student and the custodian.