Article 1, Part 3 – Student Discipline

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§ 1-303 Falsification of Documents

  1. Any student who, for purposes of fraud or misrepresentation, falsifies, forges, defaces, alters, or mutilates in any manner any document or representation thereof may be subject to discipline when this action substantially affects the university community’s interest. Some examples of documents covered by this regulation include identification cards, program requests, change slips, receipts, transcripts of credits, library documents, petitions for reclassification of residency status, etc.
  2. Any applicant who withholds information pertinent to the admissions decision or gives false information while making application for admission to the university will be declared ineligible for admission. In cases discovered after admission has occurred but prior to initial registration, the admission will be canceled. If the falsification led to admission that would not have been granted based on the person’s academic record, the student enrolled will have their registration canceled. The appropriate action will be invoked by the Director of Undergraduate Admissions, Director of Graduate and Professional Admissions and Recruiting or the Registrar and the dean of the college involved. Cases in which admission or registration cancellation is contested in writing by the applicant or student within ten working days after notification will be reviewed by the Office of the Provost or a designee.

    If, however, the person would have been admissible based on their true record, the registered student will be referred for possible disciplinary action, including dismissal, to the Senate Committee on Student Discipline.
  3. Upon admission and prior to degree conferral, students are responsible to disclose and provide complete, official transcripts from any post-secondary work completed outside the University of Illinois System, including all international and domestic coursework for the purpose of consideration of transfer articulation. It is recommended that students receive appropriate advising from their college prior to undertaking outside coursework to be sure it will transfer for specific curricular needs. Failure to disclose information may result in the rescission of an offer of admission, cancellation of registration or disciplinary action at the discretion of the Dean of Students, college, and/or Director of Graduate and Professional Admissions and Recruiting.
  4. Any student who knowingly withholds information or gives false information in any document or materials submitted to any member or agent of the university may be subject to discipline.