Article 1, Part 3 – Student Discipline

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§ 1-304 Identification Cards

  1. Each new student is issued a photo identification card, which must be retained by the student while the student is registered at the university. The University of Illinois System ID card (ID card) remains the property of the university and should be returned to the Campus ID Center upon leaving the university.
  2. Any person who alters or intentionally mutilates an ID card (including but not limited to punching holes in the card, applying stickers, etc.), or who uses the ID card of another or allows their ID card to be used by another, may be subject to discipline. (See §-1-303.)
  3. The ID card must be presented for identification purposes at the request of an agent of the university when the agent is acting in the performance of their supervisory or security function (for example, examination proctor, university police officer, residence hall director or adviser, recreational facility supervisor, ticket takers, ushers). Any student refusing to provide the ID card when requested by an agent of the university may be subject to discipline.
  4. An ID card may be confiscated by an agent of the university when acting in the performance of their duties if:
    1. the ID card is in the possession of an individual other than the one to whom the ID was issued and that individual attempts to use the card to represent themself as a duly registered student, or
    2. the ID card is presented by the individual to whom it was issued but is not valid for the term of registration at the time and the individual attempts to represent themself as a duly registered student.
  5. If an ID card is lost or stolen, a student should immediately notify the Campus ID Center to deactivate the online functionality of the ID card (e.g., meal plan, door access, etc.). Until the ID Center is notified, the student may be held responsible for unauthorized use of the ID card.
  6. A charge is made for replacing each lost, mutilated, confiscated, or stolen student ID card.
  7. Card data, including but not limited to the UIN, card number, and photo, may be used for university purposes in accordance with Article 3, Part 6 of the Student Code.
  8. An ID card is non-transferable and does not authorize the card holder to obligate the University of Illinois in any way.
  9. A student who links an ID card to an authorized, contracted university service provider (e.g., for banking services) understands and agrees that the student is releasing the UIN (as part of the card number) to said service provider. A student is responsible for notifying all said service providers if a linked ID card is lost or stolen.
  10. By accepting possession of the ID card, the cardholder agrees to hold harmless the Board of Trustees of the University of Illinois, and its officers, employees, representatives, or agents, from and against any claims, damages, costs, expenses, including an amount equal to reasonable attorney’s fees, or liabilities, including for loss or damage to any property or for death or injury to any person or persons, arising out of or in any way connected with any incorrect or outdated phone numbers that may be listed on the ID card.