Article 1, Part 3 – Student Discipline

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§ 1‑306 Alcoholic Beverages – Preamble

  1. The University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign expects all students to exhibit behavior compatible with membership in a community of scholars. Students shall conduct themselves in a civil and mature manner, respecting the rights and property of others. (See also § 1‑201.) Having consumed alcohol is not an excuse for failure to meet these expectations.
  2. Because of the university’s concern for the health and rights of individuals and because the excessive consumption of alcohol frequently results in the user becoming either a violator or a victim, the university will respond when inappropriate alcohol-related behavior is demonstrated. These interventions will include a team approach involving, when appropriate, any or all of the following: the Division of Public Safety, the Office of Public Affairs, and Student Affairs units including the Dean of Students Office, the Office for Student Conflict Resolution (Student Judicial Affairs), Residential Life, the Alcohol and Other Drug Office, the Counseling Center, and McKinley Health Center.
  3. Sections 1-307 and 1-308 apply to all University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign students and Registered Organizations and Registered Student Organizations while on campus, while involved in university-related activities, while within the environs of Champaign County, or in other circumstances where a substantial university community interest exists. A "substantial university community interest" exists, but is not limited to, situations in which individual or group alcohol consumption results in actual or threatened injury to persons, damage to property, or disruption of a university-related event.