Article 3, Part 5 – Registration Charges

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§ 3-507 Fee Payment Requirement

  1. Tuition and fees assessed for any semester or session are due and payable in full by the due date shown on the student account statement in Student Self-Service.
  2. A monthly Late Payment charge of 1.5 percent or $1, whichever is greater, and a Past Due charge of $2 per month are assessed on any delinquent amount. In addition, delinquent accounts will be subject to a financial hold, which may prevent registration and/or release of the student’s academic record.
  3. Payments returned for non-sufficient funds or any other reason are subject to penalties and must be repaid with guaranteed funds within 5 business days of notification. In addition, students who present payment that is subsequently returned may have their registration cancelled and be denied future registration until their delinquent student account balance has been paid with guaranteed funds.