Article 3, Part 5 – Registration Charges

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§ 3-508 Refunds of Registration Charges

  1. Withdrawal from the University
    1. A student who, for reasons other than active military service or other approved national defense service, withdraws from the university on or before 60 percent of the enrollment period has elapsed shall receive a refund. Assessed tuition, the service fee, the general fee, Academic Facilities Maintenance Fund Assessment (AFMFA), Library/Information Technology Fee and the transportation fee are refunded on a pro-rata basis less a fifty dollar ($50) Administrative Fee. The Administrative Fee is not charged for withdrawal from the summer term.
    2. Students who withdraw from the university continue to be covered by student health insurance and are eligible to receive McKinley Health Center services until the close of the term if the fees for these services were originally assessed.
    3. Before a refund is made to the student, the university must make a refund to appropriate financial aid programs providing assistance to the student. Students indebted to the university at the time of withdrawal will have the amount owed deducted from the amount of any refund available.
    4. Students who either fail to withdraw officially from the university or withdraw following the refund period are responsible for payment of all tuition and fee charges billed. (See § 3-306.)
  2. Students Dismissed
    A refund to a student dismissed from the university during a term is on the same basis as indicated for a student who withdraws from the university.
  3. Withdrawal for Military and Other National Defense Service
    In cases of withdrawal for active duty in the Armed Forces or other approved national defense service under the circumstances described in § 3-313, special refund provisions have been adopted by the university as follows:
    1. Irrespective of the time of withdrawal, students will receive full refunds of all tuition and refundable fees, unless credit is granted as part of the withdrawal.
    2. Students who receive credit as part of their withdrawal will receive a full refund of their tuition and refundable fees, less the amounts associated with the credit given.
  4. Reduction of Program
    Students who reduce their course enrollment to a lower credit range receive a refund of the full amount of the difference in tuition and fees, provided the changes are made during the first ten days of instruction for a semester. For university academic terms of other lengths, refund periods are determined proportionately. The exact refund dates for these terms can be found in the Office of the Registrar refund schedule ( Thereafter, no refund is allowed. Credit ranges are found in § 3-501.
  5. Cancellation of Registration
    1. Students who cancel their registration as described in § 3-308 will not be charged tuition and fees.
    2. Students who either have attended classes or have used campus services during a term may not cancel their registration. They must withdraw as described in § 3-313 and be subject to the refund regulations governing withdrawals.
  6. Auditors
    A person registered as an auditor who withdraws receives no refund of the auditor's fee.