Article 3, Part 5 – Registration Charges

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§ 3-509 Students in Debt to the University

  1. A $25 penalty is assessed to the student account for each check, paper or electronic, that is returned for non-sufficient funds or any other reason. In addition, the university may refuse to accept e-checks or personal checks as payment on a student account after two checks, paper or electronic and regardless of issuer, were posted to that account and then returned for any reason by the bank. Future payments to that student’s account must be made by money order, cashier’s check or credit card. Further penalties, including dismissal from the university, may be imposed on students who fail to bring their delinquent account current or attempt to defraud the university.
  2. A student who is in debt to the university at the end of any academic term shall not be permitted to register in the university again and shall not be entitled to receive the student's diploma or an official statement or transcript of credits until the indebtedness has been paid or suitable arrangements for payment have been made unless there is a pending bankruptcy petition of the student seeking a discharge of all such indebtedness or all such indebtedness has been discharged.