Article 2, Part 4 – University Property and Facilities – In General

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§ 2-402 Using Library Resources – Policies and Processes

The Library of the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign (the Library) exists primarily to provide intellectual and physical access to information and services that support the university’s educational mission. The Library provides students with an environment conducive to teaching, learning, research, study, and the conduct of university business. Students using the Library are expected to act responsibly, appropriately, and courteously in order to preserve the Library's environment, facilities, and collections as described in the Patron Conduct Policy:

The Library circulates library materials to the faculty, staff, and student body of the university. The privilege of borrowing materials for use outside the Library is given to all faculty, staff, students, and other persons accredited by the Library. Access to Library resources varies, and current policies are available through the Library website.

  1. Electronic Resources
    Electronic resources made available by the Library to students are for activities that support the university's educational mission. The Library's ability to provide access, authorize use, and permit reproduction of licensed resources is subject to contractual agreements and U.S. Copyright Law. Contractual agreements, negotiated between the Board of Trustees of the University of Illinois and publishers or third-party brokers, allow students to access electronic resources for non-commercial, educational, scholarly and research purposes.

    Student use of electronic resources made available by the Library must comply with the terms of license agreements. Students should be aware that publishers monitor use of electronic resources to ensure that the terms of their agreements are enforced. Breach of license may lead a publisher/vendor to turn off the university's access without warning.

    (Students who misuse commercially licensed electronic resources may be referred to appropriate campus disciplinary bodies and have access privileges suspended.)
  2. Accessing Resources
    1. A student ID card serves as a library card. The ID card can be used to access resources in the libraries of all three universities of the University of Illinois System or any libraries where the Library has a reciprocal borrowing relationship.
    2. Upon presentation and validation of their current ID card, students have access to the main stacks, where a core subset of the Library’s physical collections is stored. Any student may request to have materials retrieved for them from the stacks.
    3. Some materials, due to their condition, scarcity, or value, may be restricted to building use only.
    4. Some departmental libraries or locations may require students to show identification, register, and/or check bags and coats before using library materials.
    5. A NetID is required for access to electronic resources from non-university machines or devices.
  3. Returning Library Materials
    1. Library materials, with the exception of special items such as fragile materials, media materials, loanable technology, materials on reserve, and other short-term loans, can be returned to any library drop box on campus. Special items must be returned to the departmental library from which they were borrowed.
    2. Interlibrary loan materials must be returned to the centrally designated location indicated when receiving the materials.
  4. Charges, Fees and Actions
    1. Most library materials are not subject to accruing late, or overdue, charges. Exceptions include heavily used materials and building-use-only materials. If materials identified as being heavily-used or building-use only are not returned by the expected return time indicated in the Library’s database, they will be assessed a late charge. Overdue notices are sent to borrowers as a courtesy only, and failure to receive one is not a reason for cancellation or reduction of late charges. Library fines such as late charges and lost book fees are subject to change without notice.
    2. Lost library materials should be reported immediately to the departmental library from which they were borrowed. If the borrower cannot recover the materials within a reasonable period of time, the borrower will be charged the cost of replacing the items.
    3. All charges for overdue and lost materials are forwarded to University Student Financial Services & Cashier Operations (USFSCO) for collection. Students wishing to appeal charges for overdue and lost materials may contact the Library Billing Office.
    4. Students who steal or mutilate Library materials or violate any of these policies, or any other policies of the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, may lose their privileges to use the Library, be subject to university-imposed discipline, and/or be subject to criminal prosecution or other legal action, as appropriate.