Article 2, Part 4 – University Property and Facilities – In General

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§ 2-406 Solicitation and Commercial Activity in University Residence Halls

Solicitation or commercial activity is prohibited in university residence halls except under the following conditions:

  1. General Conditions for Canvassing
    1. All canvassers shall register before canvassing. A canvassing permit will be issued if the applicant has completed the registration form, has not had a permit revoked in the last nine months, and agrees to abide by the general conditions for canvassing. Canvassers must first register in the Office of the Dean of Students (301 Turner Student Services Building). Second, canvassers must register with the Office of Residential Life, Clark Hall 300. Information regarding whom to contact within each unit may be obtained at registration with the Office of Campus Regulations.
    2. Canvassers shall refrain from littering.
    3. Canvassers shall conform with visitation regulations.
    4. Canvassing may take place only between the hours of 2:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m.
    5. Canvassing is prohibited in dining rooms and meal lines, i.e., lines formed after entering a dining room.
    6. Door-to-door canvassing is not permitted. Upon request to the housing unit, arrangements will be made to provide properly registered canvassers with space in high-traffic public areas of the residence hall.
    7. Violation of any of these six conditions is cause for revocation of permission to canvass.
  2. Political Canvassing
    1. Political canvassing includes, but is not limited to:
      1. registering voters
      2. soliciting signatures on a petition for purposes of legally qualifying an individual as a candidate
      3. campaigning for a political candidate for a municipal, township, school or other special district, county, statewide, or national election
      4. presenting information (1) related to any amendment to the State of Illinois Constitution being presented for voter decision at a general election, or any amendment to the United States Constitution being presented for Illinois legislative decision; or (2) concerned with a public issue to be decided by a scheduled referendum in the governmental unit
      5. representing candidates for the Urbana-Champaign Senate, student trustee, other offices for which students are the sole electorate, or student referenda.
    2. Political canvassers shall not solicit contributions or attempt to sell, or advertise for purposes of sale, any item.
    3. Canvassers campaigning for candidates wishing to schedule a formal meeting with a group of residents in public areas of a university residence hall must obtain permission from the hall student government or its duly authorized representative. The hall student government may impose limitations concerning time and location on such meetings. The hall student government must follow procedures to reserve space with the appropriate housing authority of that unit.

      If these canvassers represent candidates for the Urbana-Champaign Senate, student trustee, other offices for which students are the sole electorate, or student referenda, there must be equal time and opportunity given to canvassers representing all other candidates, or referendum positions, upon request.
  3. Mailbox Policy
    Distribution of political literature in mailboxes of university residence halls for the purposes defined under subsection (b)(1)(D) above shall be guaranteed provided arrangements are made with the individual hall offices. Other literature may be distributed in accordance with the solicitation policy of each hall.