Article 2, Part 4 – University Property and Facilities – In General

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§ 2-404 Chalking Policy

  1. The use of water-soluble chalk, easily removed by rain, for expressive activity regarding any non-commercial topic is permissible on university sidewalks. Chalking is prohibited:
    1. On university property other than sidewalks including, but not limited to, all vertical surfaces, buildings, walls, planters, doors, trash receptacles, steps, fountains, benches, tables, signs, poles, columns, bus stops, light posts, and trees; and
    2. Underneath any covering where chalk would not be washed away by rainfall.
  2. Chalking and other markings on university property that violate university policy or state or federal law are subject to removal by an authorized official of the university.
  3. Individuals must not remove or tamper with chalking done by another person or organization.