Article 2, Part 4 – University Property and Facilities – In General

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§ 2-407 Posting and Distribution of Handout Materials

Any individual may post and distribute leaflets, handbills, and other types of materials intended to provide information about sociopolitical or educational issues and events, without prior approval, under the following conditions:

  1. Such materials must not advertise the availability of alcohol, or include information associated with solicitation for profit (i.e., coupons, discounts, commercial advertisements). Their content and display must also be consistent with the provisions of § 2‑405 and § 2‑406.
  2. Posting
    1. Residence Halls. With the exception of materials posted in “free-will space,” only residence hall staff will post such materials in university residence halls. University organizations (see § 2‑301), campus boards, and residence hall organizations, as well as residence hall staff, may have materials posted without approval. All other organizations must seek approval to have items posted in the residence halls. In all cases, the posting process is coordinated in the Office for Residential Life, 300 Clark Hall. Some residence halls may allow for-profit and other materials to be placed in their free-will space. Contact 300 Clark Hall for locations and guidelines regarding such free-will space.
    2. Other General Campus Bulletin Boards. University organizations, campus boards, registered (student, faculty, staff) organizations, registered campus-community organizations, and Religious Workers Association members may post materials on other general campus bulletin boards. In order to allow all users a fair and equal chance for space on the boards and provide maximum service to the readers of the boards, poster size may be restricted. Posters must include the name of the sponsoring organizations, the date of the event, and the place of the event. Posters should only be placed on general university bulletin boards and Illiosks. They should not be placed on doors, walls, windows, trees, sidewalks, or trash cans. Improperly posted materials will be removed at the violator’s expense. Any legal ramifications regarding posters are the responsibility of the individual or group posting the notice. All non-current materials will periodically be removed and disposed of. Questions regarding general campus bulletin boards should be directed to the Office of the Registrar. Certain buildings, due to the nature of the activities within them, are governed by separate policies (including but not limited to those listed in § 2‑503(a).
  3. Distribution
    1. Distribution of such materials inside university buildings, other than residence halls (see § 2-406), is permitted in common areas (e.g., foyers, vestibules, or hallways), provided that such distribution does not impede traffic flow or disrupt university business such as classes, laboratories, meetings, or office work. The interiors of classrooms, auditoriums, museums, theatres, lecture halls, offices, gymnasiums, retail shops, and dining or social reception halls, as well as mailboxes, are not considered “common areas” for this purpose.

      Distribution outside the entrances to university buildings is permitted so long as it does not impede traffic flow.

      For most campus buildings, the Office of the Registrar is responsible for implementation and enforcement of this policy and questions regarding it should be directed to that office.

      Certain buildings, due to the nature of the activities within them, are governed by separate policies (including but not limited to those listed in § 2-503(a). For those buildings, appropriate restrictions as to time, place, and manner for distributing materials may be established by the agency responsible for the building. These may include, for example, requiring prior permission to distribute inside the building, or restricting distribution to designated areas only. Buildings hosting performance or athletic activities, such as the State Farm Center, Foellinger, Huff Hall, Krannert Center, or Memorial Stadium, do not allow distribution of such materials past the turnstile or ticket-collection point during those activities. The agencies in charge of these buildings are responsible for implementation and enforcement of this policy and questions regarding it should be directed to them.

      Appeals relating to this policy may be made to the Dean of Students.
    2. Those distributing such materials are expected to refrain from littering and may be held responsible for costs incurred as a result of littering. “Distribution” here is defined as individuals handing such materials to other individuals who may accept them or refrain from receiving them. Leaving a stack of materials to be picked up, or placing materials on vacant lecture hall seats, etc., is considered littering, not distribution, under these rules.
    3. Those distributing such materials should be aware that nothing in this policy in any way relieves them of personal responsibility for violation of any civil laws.