Article 2, Part 5 – Use of University Premises and Facilities

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§ 2-503 Reservation Procedures

Those seeking use of university premises shall make their requests by completing and filing the form “Request for Use of University Premises.”

  1. Requests from university organizations, campus boards, registered organizations, and related organizations shall be signed by a registered agent and shall be filed in one of the following offices, depending upon the location of the space requested. Registered Organizations and Registered Student Organizations must first receive event approval from the Illini Union Office of Registered Organizations, 284 Illini Union.
    1. for space in the Illini Union, with the Illini Union Reservations Office, 165 Illini Union, or via or establish an on‑line account by sending an email message to address provided above
    2. for space in University Housing, with the student government of the residence through the Housing Division, 200 Clark Hall
    3. for space in the State Farm Center, with the State Farm Center Reservations Office, 101 State Farm Center
    4. for space in the Krannert Center for the Performing Arts, with the Krannert Center Associate Director’s Office
    5. for space in Allerton Conference Center, with Allerton Conference Center
    6. for space in Allerton Park, with Allerton Park Visitor Center
    7. for space in the Activities and Recreation Center, Campus Recreation Center-East, Complex Fields and Outdoor Center Fields, with Campus Recreation, ARC Administrative Offices
    8. for space in the Ice Arena, Campus Recreation, 406 East Armory
    9. for space in the Beckman Institute, with the Beckman Institute Director’s Office
    10. for all other locations, with the Office of the Registrar, 901 W. Illinois St, Urbana.
  2. Campus-community organizations, outside organizations, and individuals seeking use of university premises shall file their requests at the Office of the Registrar, 901 W. Illinois St, Urbana. A request from a campus-community organization or outside organization shall be signed by an agent of the organization and/or the appropriate officer; a request from an individual shall be signed by that individual. The Office of the Registrar shall determine whether the proposed use is consistent with the provisions of section VIII-1 of the Campus Administrative Manual, these regulations, and the policies developed by the Committee on the Use of Facilities. (See § 2-508.) If the proposed use is in accord with these rules, regulations, and policies, the request shall be referred to the appropriate reservations office as outlined in subsection (a) above. Decisions of the Office of the Registrar may be appealed to the Committee on the Use of Facilities. (See § 2-508.)
  3. Requests for space should be filed a minimum of forty-eight hours prior to the activity to allow ample time for processing. If event approval or special services are required, requests should be filed at least one week prior to the activity. If specific staging or production services are required, advance filing of one month or more may be required. The reservations office receiving the request shall have the right to refuse requests not submitted within the above time limits if it appears that proper review and clearance procedures cannot be satisfactorily accomplished.
  4. Upon receipt of a request for the use of university premises, the reservations office concerned shall proceed as follows:
    1. Determine whether the organization or individual requesting space is eligible to use university premises as requested and has made adequate arrangements regarding the requirements of § 2‑506.
    2. Determine whether the specific event involved requires formal approval, and, if so, determine that such approval has been obtained or may be granted.
    3. Determine whether the space requested is available and appropriate, and, if not, determine the availability of alternative appropriate facilities.
    4. Make the appropriate reservation and notify applicant accordingly unless there is a clear showing that provisions in (1) and (2) above have not been fulfilled. A refusal to make a reservation shall, upon request, be in the form of a written statement that shall include the reasons for the refusal and an indication of the right to appeal the refusal to the Committee on the Use of Facilities. (See § 2‑508.)