Article 2, Part 5 – Use of University Premises and Facilities

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§ 2-503 Reservation Procedures

Those seeking use of University Property shall make their requests by following the reservation procedures set forth below.

  1. Requests from university organizations, campus boards, registered organizations, and related organizations shall be signed by a registered agent and shall be filed through a process determined by the Student Engagement Office. Registered Organizations, Registered Student Organizations, and University Student Organizations must first receive event approval from the Student Engagement Office.
  2. Applicants other than recognized student organizations should submit a reservation request to the Designated Official of the proposed University Property. The Office of the Vice Chancellor for Administration and Operations maintains contact information for Designated Officials. Requests for space should be submitted in advance of the proposed event or activity to allow necessary evaluation and ample time for processing. Unless otherwise stated in an individual facility use policy, the Campus Administrative Manual or these regulations, requests should be submitted a minimum of 48 hours prior to the activity to allow ample time for processing. If event approval or special services are required, requests should be submitted at least one week prior to the activity. If specific staging or production services are required, advance filing of one month or more may be required. Student Engagement or the Designated Official receiving the request may refuse requests not submitted within the above time limits if it appears that proper review and clearance procedures cannot be satisfactorily accomplished.
  3. Upon receipt of a request for the use of University Property, the facility’s Designated Official shall proceed as follows:
    1. Confirm applicant’s eligibility to reserve space in accordance with this regulation and other applicable university policies;
    2. Confirm whether the requested space is available, suitable, and appropriate for the proposed activity or event, including but not limited to whether the space can accommodate the expected crowd size; anticipated noise level and impact, if any, on the academic activities or other university activities in the vicinity; impact on traffic; and any other relevant, viewpoint-neutral considerations;
    3. Recommend reasonable alternative spaces if necessary;
    4. Confirm that the proposed activity complies with applicable laws and university policies;
    5. Determine the need for additional support services regarding health and safety considerations, such as security;
    6. Advise on the need for special approvals; and
    7. Notify appropriate university stakeholders of reservations requests, including but not limited to Facilities and Services, Division of Public Safety, and University Risk Management.