Article 2, Part 5 – Use of University Premises and Facilities

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§ 2-506 Requirements and Limitations

  1. All events to which the public will be invited and/or for which a fee will be charged must receive formal approval prior to the assignment of space and advertising of the event. Such approval shall be given only if each of the following requirements is satisfactorily met:
    1. The proposed use of University Property is in accordance with these and other applicable university regulations and policies.
    2. The sponsoring organization is financially able to sponsor the event.
  2. Review of proposed events to determine approval shall be made by the following:
    1. Student Engagement for events to be sponsored by recognized student organizations.
    2. the Designated Official of the University Property.
  3. Event denial may be appealed by the sponsoring organization to the Chancellor's Special Event Advisory Committee. (See § 2‑507.) An appeal must be submitted in writing and received by the chairperson of the committee within five school days after the notice of denial is given. Any such appeal shall be made in good faith and based on an alleged procedural violation, bias, or viewpoint discrimination.
  4. If an outside organization requesting space has a local affiliate, the local affiliate shall participate in the arrangements and be responsible for the use of University Property in accordance with these regulations.
  5. To ensure the proper accounting and application of funds, the sponsoring organization of all events involving income or disbursement of funds shall conform to all university policies, procedures, and regulations as may be prescribed in the Campus Administrative Manual and in §§ 2‑301 to 2‑317 of these regulations.
  6. To help protect students, faculty, staff, and the public from foodborne illnesses while using University Property, all requests involving the dispensing of food not provided by regular university food services will require special clearance from Facilities and Services Safety and Compliance.
  7. Organizations and individuals using University Property must comply with all reasonable requests related to such usage made by university officials having responsibility for the property concerned. Such requests may include, for example, the employment of facility attendants.
  8. University Property shall not be used for benefit events, charitable or otherwise, except with the special approval of the Chancellor. (Benefit events are those events intended to raise money for uses other than the expenses of the sponsoring organization or the support of other university activities.)
  9. University Property shall not be used for any activity inconsistent with federal or state laws or university policies or regulations.
  10. Outside organizations and all individuals may not use facilities for the following:
    1. Meetings scheduled on a regular basis.
    2. Any meeting for the purpose of instruction that would normally be offered by or in cooperation with any university unit, unless the offering of the instructional program is approved by the appropriate university unit.
    3. Entertainment and social activities, such as dances, that are not scheduled as a part of an approved meeting or activity unless approved or sponsored by a university organization.
    4. Sports events unless approved or sponsored by a unit of the university.
    5. Any meeting or event that would substantially interfere with or detract from events sponsored by university organizations, campus boards, registered organizations, or related organizations.
    6. Solicitations, collections, fund drives, or any events for which an admission will be charged, even though the funds are for public benefit, except as permitted in the Facility Use Agreement.
  11. An organization or individual that has reserved use of University Property shall not assign the reservation or allow another organization or individual to use the University Property.
  12. Safety
    1. Adequate provisions must be made for the safety of persons and property at an event on University Property. Such provisions are the responsibility of the individual or organization(s) sponsoring the event. Actions required to ensure safety, as determined by the Designated Official of the facility involved or by the campus administrative staff, shall be adhered to.
    2. The university may inspect and approve all physical arrangements in and on University Property for safety reasons. Information and advice in these matters may be obtained through Facilities and Services Safety and Compliance.
  13. Alteration of Facilities
    1. Organizations or individuals shall not make or contract to make any revisions or alterations to University Property or its utilities (electric, water, steam, air, and gas) in connection with a reservation. All such work must be approved in advance by an appropriate official of the facility involved and, if approved, must be accomplished by or under the supervision of Facilities and Services or the regular maintenance forces of the facility involved.
    2. Requests for work to be done must be submitted for approval at least 48 hours in advance of the event. Work requested, as well as any work immediately required to return the facilities in question to their original use condition, shall be done at the entire expense of the organization or individual sponsoring the event.
  14. Dining Facilities
    Nothing in these regulations shall be interpreted to restrict dining in areas so designated for such use and operated by the university. Specific regulations governing the use of these facilities may be developed separately by appropriate administrative units, when and if conditions so warrant. In general, the Illini Union facilities are intended to be available only for use by students, faculty, staff, alumni, and their immediate families, and by official guests of the university.