Article 3, Part 3 – Registration, Course Changes, and Withdrawal

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§ 3-305 Registration of Auditors

  1. An “auditor” is only a listener in the classes attended; the auditor is not a participant in any part of the exercises.
  2. A student attending as an auditor only is not considered to be a current student.
  3. Auditors are not permitted in laboratory, military, kinesiology (other than theory), or studio classes.
  4. Permission to attend a class as an auditor is granted only by the instructor of the class, classroom space permitting, with the approval of the dean of the college concerned. Written approval must be obtained on an official Auditor’s Permit. This form should be presented to the instructor at the first class meeting and submitted to the appropriate college office by the 10th day of instruction (7th day of instruction for summer term).
  5. Current students must obtain approval of the dean of their home college. Former students not currently registered must obtain the approval of the dean of the college in which they were last registered. Persons not previously registered obtain the approval of the dean of the college in which the course is offered.
  6. Audit requests submitted after the census date will require written proof from the instructor that the student has not participated in the class activities.
  7. Students on “dropped” status are not eligible to audit classes. (See § 3-110 on drop rules.)
  8. Staff employees of the university must secure the recommendation of the head of the department in which they work.
  9. Students registered full time (Tuition Range I) are not charged a fee for auditing classes. (See § 3-501(b).)
  10. Persons not registered in university courses and students registered in a partial program (Range II, III, or IV) are charged a fee of $15 (amount subject to change) for each course attended as an auditor. The auditor’s fee is waived for persons sixty-five years of age or older. Proof of age must be presented at the Records Service Center, 901 West Illinois Street, Urbana.
  11. Students who change from credit registration to auditor status in the same course and who are not eligible for refund of tuition and/or fees for credit registration dropped are not charged the auditor’s fee.
  12. An audited course will appear on the student transcript with a grade of AU.
  13. For graduate students, audited courses may not be repeated for graduate credit and otherwise do not count toward the registration requirement of fellows.