Article 3, Part 3 – Registration, Course Changes, and Withdrawal

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§ 3-313 Excused Absences and Departure from the University for U.S. Military or Other U.S. National Defense Services

  1. Credit in Courses
    1. Undergraduate, graduate, or professional students who are members of the Active Reserve Forces (including the National Guard) called to active duty under normal training orders will not be granted excused absences or academic credit for courses in which they are enrolled unless they have requested a postponement of such a period of active duty for training until the summer, and unless the university has received a verification that such a request was officially denied. This requirement, however, shall not apply to individuals who are called to active duty as a result of national emergency or as a result of the mobilization of the Reserve Forces (including the National Guard).
    2. A student called to active duty shall be eligible for excused absences, subject to instructor approval, for up to 14 consecutive calendar days of in‐progress courses prior to completing 75% of the semester in which they are enrolled. Any assignments and assessments associated with those excused absences must be completed by the student in a timely manner as defined by the instructor after the student’s return to campus. Courses must be at least 8 weeks in duration to receive up to 14 consecutive calendar days of excused absences. Courses less than 8 weeks in duration will be handled based on instructor and college office coordination. Training requiring more than 14 consecutive calendar days of absence, or students planning to continue coursework remotely, must coordinate with instructors. The Chez Veterans Center will confirm documentation of training orders for students called to active duty. Students should share this confirmation of training orders with instructors as soon as possible, but no later than five business days prior to the student’s departure.
    3. When a student is called to active duty after completing at least 75% of the semester in which they are enrolled, the student may request incomplete grades (See § 3‐104 Other Grade Symbols in Use) or depart from the semester. Students are permitted to request incomplete grades in some courses while departing from others.
    4. In the case of departure after completing at least 75% of the courses in which they are enrolled, students as specified in (1) are entitled to receive full credit. The grade reported shall be that attained in the course up to the time of departure. (Grades reported below C‐ are recorded as W [withdrawn]; grades of D‐ or higher reported in courses taken under the CR‐NC option are recorded as CR.)
    5. Irrespective of their grade in any course in which they are then registered, students who depart from the university at any time for any of the above-mentioned reasons, shall be entitled at their discretion to complete alternative assignments or assessments approved by the instructor for credit in the course. The usual grading system applies. (See § 3‑102 on grading system.)
  2. Graduation
    1. Students who have been at the university for not less than two full semesters , who have met all requirements for graduation (including minimum scholarship requirements), except those that they would fulfill by completing the courses for which they are registered at the time of departure from the university to enter active service with the Armed Forces, will receive full credit in those courses and may be recommended for a degree provided they have completed 50% of the course(s) in which they are enrolled, and provided they have a standing in the course(s) for which they are registered that, if maintained to the end of the semester, would satisfy the requirements for graduation. Courses that are not at least 50% completed at the time of departure will not earn any academic credit.
    2. A student who is eligible for continuing enrollment who at any time leaves the university to enter military service and does so enter within ten days, and who lacks no more than one-sixteenth of the total credit hours required for a degree, may, at the discretion of the college concerned and on approval of the student's major department, be recommended for such degree. But no student should be considered eligible for this privilege who has acquired hours under the provisions of subsection (b)(1) above.
      1. “A student who is eligible to continue” shall be interpreted to mean one whose progress during the student's university registrations has been satisfactory to the administrative officers of the student's college. Among grounds for dissatisfaction might be negligence in meeting requirements, or scholastic deficiencies.
      2. “At any time” shall be interpreted to mean “during any semester of enrollment or the interim between successive semesters.” It is not intended that students who stay out of college for any semester, and who thus do not make continuous progress to their degrees, shall be eligible for the privilege extended in these rules.