Article 3, Part 3 – Registration, Course Changes, and Withdrawal

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§ 3-312 Withdrawal from the University – General Rules

  1. All Students
    1. A student who leaves the university during any term must officially withdraw from the university. A student who is registered in only one course and later requests to drop that course must withdraw from the university. Failing grades will be assigned to any student who leaves the university without completing withdrawal.
    2. Withdrawal procedures:
      1. Obtain a withdrawal form from the office of the dean of the college or graduate department. The date the student notifies the college or graduate department office of the student's intent to withdraw should be recorded as the official withdrawal date.
      2. Obtain the signatures of the university officers as indicated on the withdrawal form.
      3. Upon the student's request, the dean may file the withdrawal form on behalf of the student.
    3. Cancellation or withdrawal from the university does not abrogate the authority of the institution to pursue disciplinary action.
    4. The student ID card remains valid for the term in which fees for services have been paid.
  2. Undergraduate Students
    1. The dean may issue a withdrawal form with a notation that failing grades are to be recorded in specified courses in which the student is seriously deficient.
    2. A student may be dropped or placed on probation for poor scholarship as of the date of the withdrawal at the discretion of the dean.
    3. A student who withdraws from the university within the last three weeks of instruction in the semester or within the last two weeks in the summer term or whose status cannot be determined because of excused grades may have an academic hold placed by their college on any future registrations.